born for leavin’

alright so. this is my second try at blogging, so lets hope ill have a little more luck this go round. my last try at blogging failed because, lets be honest, i just forgot. i dont think people really care all that much about reading MY blog. however, i do it to “express myself”. i love writing, but i dont get to write as much as i would like to. mainly because when i do get the chance to write, its for class. aka not something i particularly enjoy writing about. so i will settle for blogging about my normal, and yet boring life.

so lets get started!

prom was friday. i am not a girly girl at all. my whole life i have lived in jeans and a tishirt. so putting on a pretty dress, doing my hair, and make up was something very foreign to me. thankfully, my older sister is finishing up cosmetology school and loves that kind of stuff. so i was in good hands. you would think after twelve years of competition dance team i would be use to extreme make up, but i still thought i looked like a completely different person when i looked in the mirror. prom itself was actually really fun. in my opinion. i danced the entire time i was there with my friends. we rented a limo and went to dinner and all that fun stuff before hand. btw that limo was beast. it had a strobe light and everything. the driver even pulled out a red carpet everytime we got out of it! how cool! besides prom being fun and everything, it also made me a little sad… because i am just one step closer to graduation, college, being on my own. it scares me a little bit. my whole life i have been ready to leave this town and get on with my life, but after being on my own for a week during spring break and actually missing my family, it scares me to death. i have my cap and gown hanging up in my room. bad idea. when it first came in, i put it on in excitement, and it made my mom cry. you would think she would be use to the whole graduating thing because she has already had one daughter graduate, whats different?

but i still got a month before graduation, so no worries.

KENNY CHESNEY CONCERT IN MAY! HOLLERRR!!!!! i am beyond excited about that. and the keith urban concert in june. so many big events coming up!!! love ittt!!!

however; this blog is entirely too long and if any people are reading this, i have probably bored you to death; my apologies.

until next time..

happy monday!